What Is Brāv?

It’s undeniable that conflicts happen everywhere at the touch of a button- Brāv resolves them almost as fast. Brāv is a resource that virtually delivers a real-live person to referee your dispute! Trouble with your neighbor, Classmate, or Colleague? Resolve them effectively online.




it’s something we all experience…

(whether by witnessing it or first hand)


Be Part of The Solution

but we never talk about it.

Maybe that’s because you’re shy, maybe you feel ashamed, or just scared. So many of us choose to turn our heads and pretend that it just doesn’t happen.


bullying, violence, and conflict

happens everywhere, to anyone, of any age…


Understand Our Solution


at best,

leaving us



hurt, abused, lonely, desperate, rejected, insulted, alienated, bruised, hopeless, disenfranchised, discriminated against, or at worst…dead.


BUT, this summer…


Don't Want To Wait?


the hiding, trying to escape, and always feeling alone…











we are building a movement

of ordinary people from all around the world who’ve chosen to be Brāv.

Join The Movement


and they have one  goal…


 to stand with you and find an answer to your silent calls for help, no matter what you are going through…




are you ready to be Brāv?


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We need your help to stop bullying, violence, and other conflicts!


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