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Why would you not be? Brāv users represent the top percent of people in this world who dare to shut down a huge source of the world ills. We at Brāv can’t help but notice that unnecessary conflicts, violence, even murders and suicides are huge problems around the world. We also took notice that everyone was talking about it but no one found any real way to help reduce them. That’s where Brāv comes in…and that’s you! You are Brāv for simply coming on our site to explore, consider, scheduling to resolve issues, voting on resolutions for public conflicts and/or training to become a Brāv One!

A Brāv One can bring a new perspective to a conflict. Through the Brāv One’s own knowledge of the subject matter, he or she can assist parties in exploring alternatives that they might not have previously considered.

Mediation is a term of art in the legal field, where sometimes the Court legally mandates parties to meet and devise a settlement that all parties can live with; Brāv, although the intent is often similar, is completely voluntary and community driven.

While counseling attempts to understand the underlying reasons for an individual’s behavior, Brāv helps each disagreeing party reach a realistic compromise. We hope to include a counseling feature in the near future.

Virtually any disagreement is suitable for Brāv.

Brāv has packages for those who wish to bring Brāv into their school, work place, community, sports teams, religious groups, family or wherever else. (What’s best about encouraging your group to buy a package is the higher likelihood that an agreement will be reached as they are more enforceable with more accountability).

At this time, Brāv does not handle any, all issues of abuse – physical, mental, emotional, etc or suicide or homicide. We encourage you to seek help through the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Brāv is in the process of putting together a conference for 2016. Contact us if you are interested.

Please do! We have monthly photo contests as well as our wall of Brāv it Outters where you win even more Brāvwear! Send photos to:

1. Learn better conflict resolution skill-set by taking the Brāv training, even if you choose not to become a Brāv One. Parties directly engage in the compromise of issue(s).

2. The Brāv One, as a neutral third party, can view the dispute without bias and can assist the parties in different choices in which they might not have considered on their own.

3. As Brāv can be scheduled at an early stage in the dispute, a settlement can be reached much more quickly than in other avenues, including going to authorities like principals, employers, the police or Court.

4. Parties generally save money through potential legal costs and less time dealing with conflicts and reaching a compromise now.

5. In some disagreements, Brāv Ones can be carefully chosen for their specific knowledge and experience.

6. Parties greatly enhance the likelihood of continuing their relationship, be it professional ormpersonal.

7. Creative solutions or accommodations to special needs of the parties can become a part of the agreement.

8. Currently, information disclosed at a Brāv session may not be divulged as evidence in any arbitral, judicial or other proceeding.

9. Brāv supports those accused or guilty of instigating conflicts to seek out Brāv in order to train as a Brāv One to learn conflict management skills. Also to undergo a Brāv session to find a compromise with all parties involved.


There are endless incentives to becoming a Brāv One, including acquiring or honing in on skill-sets for daily life, a great asset for school, work and volunteer applications and resumes, learning conflict management skills necessary in every day life, and access to upcoming future Brāv conferences.

Anyone of any age can train to gain insight into themselves and learn better conflict management skills. (Our platform is regularly updated, to provide new interesting aspects to our virtual training game.) A Brāv One must be at least 14 years old to get certified and help settle conflicts. (Generally, 14 – 21 years of olds can settle conflicts for parties up to 21 years of age, and 21 years and up can settle conflicts for adults).

It’s up to you; depending upon how quickly you successfully reach each level, ability to complete the simulated compromises and go through the swearing in process, which consists of a signed consent to keep the mission of Brāv in focus, that you have independently completed training and that you will keep the privacy of parties as the upmost concern.

That’s okay! Many users find it beneficial to still go through training to learn conflict management skill set. Or if you find that yours are up to par, Brāv also offers chances to learn from the conflicts of other users by watching their video uploads or responding to their questions on personal situations.


Brāv is completely self sustained; so long as there is an available Brāv One ready to hold a session and all necessary parties to reach an agreement are present, then you can have one right then and there!

No party can know, have met or have any affiliation at all with the Brāv One helping work out their particular issue(s). That is to ensure their compromisor will remain unbias when hearing the sides of all parties. Parties can however, request the age range of compromisors they wish for. 14 – 17, 18 – 21, 21 and up.

Brāv takes privacy very seriously. Brāv Ones are trained and selected to enter the database upon a swearing in on this privacy. Any Brāv One that violates this policy is immediately taken from the database.

The great part about Brāv is that you may attend a session from the convenience of your own home…or whatever setting is most comfortable for you.

Parties can wear anything so long as it is acceptable and not offensive to the other parties and the Brāv One.The Brāv One, however, must wear a Brāv shirt to ensure distinction as the compromisor. (Please look here for acceptable Brāv One shirts for any and all compromiser sessions).

Ensuring that all parties attend a session is the sole responsibility of the party who scheduled the Brāv session. Brāv can facilitate this process at an additional cost. You should also encourage your environment (peers, colleagues, etc) and local authority figures (principal, dean, parent, employer), to encourage Brāv sessions. Contact Brāv; we can help bring incentives (likelihood of getting punished, Brāv as lesser of punishments, etc) to bring unwilling parties to a session. Caucusing buttons also are used to help maintain communication. Learn more about it during training.

We are too. That’s why we have a Panic Button to maintain this. It’s an unfortunate necessity.

So long as you provide written consent from all parties involved in your conflict and leave out revealing personal, identifying information (Brāv flags any identifiable information and ban those users who violate this policy), either type or upload your short (no more than 2 minute) video here, add various realistic options for which the Brāv public can vote and/or responses, and we will provide the Brāv public a week (which you can extend) to vote and respond. (For legal reasons, Brāv and the Brāv public can’t advise on legal, medical, tax or investment issues. Brāv also flag for inappropriate information, words or subject matters and will remove any video that violates our policies. You can remove your video at any time).

As with any issue, there are no guarantees, but our Brāv Ones are interested in helping all parties reach an agreement.

No problem; Brāv encourages bringing every party to a new session to resolve all issues. Meeting with a new Brāv One might help with another perspective that was not yet discussed.

Contact Brāv to work out the best way to go forth. That could be bringing authorities like a principal or employer to look over the agreement and to issue consequences to the party who violated or having another Brāv session. Also, a revocation of the existing agreement and denial of all future Brāv functions.