Google Awards Brāv Major Advertising Grant

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Brāv, a promising nonprofit, is stepping onto the national stage with the
help of a $120,000 per year advertising grant from Google. The team behind
Brāv expect the grant to catapult the momentum of their mission to train
anyone in conflict resolution and management. In turn, these trained Brāv
Ones aid in the conflicts of others on the site’s face-to-face platforms.
If the U.S. Used a Form of the Tribal System…what would it be like?
If we ran ourselves more like a tribe in some ways:

  1. If you commit certain offences, you are banished from the tribe.
  2. You would have a sense of belonging.
  3. Others would look to you for direction, and therefore you would feel a
    sense of purpose.
  4. You get to determine the moral codes of your society.
  5. You police yourself and driving out negative behavior.
  6. When others in your group give you a bad name, you would be
    responsible to punish them and make them stop, send peer pressure
    their way to make them stop, or to distance yourself from them and
    publicly condemn their actions.
  7. If you don’t want to take the rap of others in your group, then do what
    you can to keep them on the straight and narrow.
  8. If you don’t police and the matter involves outside authorities, they
    might indict you for what others do.

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