What’s the Difference between being Assertive & Aggressive?

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Reducing and dealing with conflict requires skill and confidence. In daily
life, you encounter issues all of the time. From childhood to adulthood, the
challenges arrive, and you need the tools to appropriately deal with these
conflicts and move on with a healthy and happy life.
Whether you are dealing with bullies at school, or other conflicts, there is a
crucial need to understand the difference between assertive and aggressive
Merriam-Webster defines assertive as: disposed to, or characterized by
bold or confident statements and behavior. Aggressive is defined as:
tending toward or exhibiting aggression, marked by combative readiness.
The nonviolent resolution of conflict is centered upon the quality of
assertiveness. Here at Brāv, our platform focuses on the importance of
using assertion rather than aggression to solve interpersonal issues on a
daily basis.
Our Brāv Ones can help guide you through this concept, and help stop the
vicious cycle of violence. If you are having difficulty at school, at your work,
or at home, we are here to help.
The concept is seemingly simple, but it is in the application of these
qualities in situations of conflict that is the hard part. That is where Brāv
comes in. Let us help you today.
Contact us at info@brav.org for more information. If you would like to be
part of our team of Brāv Ones that help others, we would love to hear from
you too!

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