Does Current Media Glorify “The End Justifies the Means”?

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Watching today’s TV shows and movies including, “Breaking Bad,”
“Dexter,” and “Mean Girls,” it would be hard not to see a pattern in the
central themes. Each display fallible heroes. Each display utilizing illicit
tactics in order to win. And we love them, not in spite of these flaws, but
because of these flaws.
Think about it. Many of us enjoy watching what is most unbelievable to us
in real life: the killing, the stealing, the ruining of others’ lives. Most of us
probably would not be as extreme in our own lives, but we cannot deny the
amount of inspiration we take from observing others – even if it’s fiction.
Similarly, many complain about co-workers on the job stealing their ideas
and taking credit, or peers getting harassed when no one is around and
other strategic ways to get over on another – without any remorse. Where
are we getting these ideas? Why do many of us think that this is acceptable
While most of us know to separate media from reality, we still can’t help to
secretly glorify many of the ill advised behaviors of our T.V. heroes.
Instead, we need to carefully think about why their behaviors are
something we constantly celebrate and wish to emulate – either in full
effect…or even just in our heads. Problems can only end if we really face

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