Why Ignoring a Conflict Doesn’t Always Work?

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How often have you heard or been told to “ignore an aggressor as they are
just bothering you to get a reaction?” If you’ve tried this approach, did it
work out? If not, why do you think that is?
Some enjoy taking out their aggression on others – reaction or not – and
only respond to either this same type of behavior or authority. Some also
like to work on another so that they will ultimately snap after enduring
subtle or not so subtle aggression for a period of time. Others just don’t
care, while many others are not aware that their behavior is aggressive.
A reaction that many on the receiving end often think is the only option is to
face these aggressors. While this can help, this should be done after
carefully assessing the situation. Have you viewed the situation from all
sides? Do you have the support of others so that when you confront, the
aggressor will neither deny their behavior nor react violently? Have you
written down what the aggressors have done, the dates, how long it’s been?
Are there other options?
There are. Brāv was meant to solve dicey situations. In lieu of enduring
possibly years of aggression or confronting another which escalates to
physical or mental anguish, Brāv is the alternative, healthy medium. Using
a platform where an ordinary person can help come up with a compromise
between you and an aggressor(s) is not only safe, but practical and there is
accountability as others are well aware of the situation and intend to find
an actual compromise fitting to the unique situation.
Try it and tell us what you think.

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