Getting Bullies to Respond Civilly

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How do you respond to a belligerent attacker? You can ignore, avoid, “kill
with kindness,” assert yourself, confront or grow violent. Missing any?
Often times bullies aren’t
interested in acting civil; they want to win, they want submission, and they
want – power. A small minority are looking to be put in their place, but
overall, bullies aren’t interested in anything but dominance. So what else
can be done?
Some bullies need to learn from another and gain another perspective on a
situation. Using virtual and interactive games like Grand Theft Auto is fun
as players can place themselves in a situation that they could never do in
real life. Similarly, when users engage in our Brāv challenges, everyone can
place themselves in the position of another whom they could not have
understood without this.
We think that these games in conjunction with speaking to those we have
disagreements with through our face to face chat platform (or avatar with
facial expressions or using our instant messaging platform) would be the
best way for bullies to finally understand the position they place others in.

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