The Effects of Arrogance on Apathy

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If you really think about it, it’s a bit disturbing how many of us
feverishly skim through stories of men getting beheaded…or turn the
channel during a debate or click out of stories on another rape after
sympathizing briefly…or even question the rape survivor and what
role they may have had. If something shocking happens, we rally
around it, attack, then lose interest, awaiting the next novel story…
Most of us readers do not think we are disingenuous when we read
outrageous stories, when our first instinct is to strongly emote, briefly, then
go on with our day. When we revisit the story, emotions reappear, but often
we do not go farther than that. And we have grown accustomed and possibly
addicted to chasing the next sensational story. Think about the last time you
read a book or saw a movie and its lasting impact versus the myriad of
stories you easily forgot. In addition, with media, including internet and
television, it is not surprising how the term “programs” derives from
“programmin g.” Due to our personal obligations and
learning to avoid confrontation, we often dismiss important opportunities
in lieu of facing important issues.
Conflicts is such a vague term which encompasses all of what is described
above. We tell ourselves to ignore them, choose our battles, or we are more
mature than that, yet, we know that they are huge hindrances in our lives.
…they continue to happen to us; at work, the colleague who has taken credit
for our work, silence amongst family members, even poor service at a
restaurant…but instead we are ignoring, taking out our anger on loved ones
and innocent others, and even getting sick (countless studies show that
stress is a cause of a myriad of diseases.)
We are seeing a certain evolution in humanity. How many of us spend more
time on the comments section wondering what new unique, funny, witty or
challenging perspective other readers have shared?
Why don’t we do the same with conflicts.

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