Video Gaming is Now a Sport – a Win for Brāv

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Robert Morris University, a private school in Chicago, just became the first
to recognize video games as a varsity sport. That means video games are
now eligible for privileges coveted by sports teams, including athletic
E-sports are increasing in popularity each year and understandably so; they
are often interesting, exciting, and studies show they can cause increases in
the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation
and strategic planning as well as fine motor skills.
That’s why we believe that training to become a Brāv One should
incorporate esports. Imagine a Grand Theft Auto version of your life, and
learning to better navigate issues you and others face daily.
Depending on how quickly you successfully reach each level, you are one
step closer to getting certified, which looks good on school, volunteer and
work applications.
The best part for college applicants is that training also helps to hone in on
your esporting skills…and sets you apart from other qualified candidates
applying for athletic scholarships.
…but the best part for everyone is…helping others in conflicts.
Just do it: sign up at
“Robert Morris University Becomes First To Recognize Video Games As
Varsity Sport”

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