What Ferguson has to do with Brāv?

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The majority of intelligent people realize that no one is born angry. Yet with
regular rage from frustrations, anything can be used to offset this anger.
Instead of emotions acting as the be all end all, talk therapy can help.
A new study came out yesterday that discussed talk therapy as a conflict
resolution alternative to traumatic situations. At Brāv, we have spent a lot
of time researching on alternative dispute resolution and seek to cultivate
the largest online network, training ordinary people in conflict
management who in turn resolve the conflicts of others on our website’s
face to face platform.
Coming together with neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, places of
worships and all other organizations to provide an alternative for those
who seek to have a conflict managed is key. These groups help to provide
accountability by ensuring that all necessary parties appear for an online
conflict resolution session(s). We have basic knowledge on how Brāv helps
victims cope with trauma, but we seek much more support to determine
long term effects.
We just found out that Brāv was accepted into the December Challenge – if
we get at least 40 different donors to give a total of $5000.00, we earn a
permanent spot on the site! The website: http://goto.gg/19042, please
donate to ensure peace wins, and forward to all of your contacts – personal
and professional .
Conflict resolution resonates well with those who have experienced
conflicts and resulting trauma.

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