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Why You Should Support Brāv

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December 5, 2016 blog R A
WHY NOT????????????????????????
Just kidding. From chatting with various people, many agree that they wish
they had this resource while growing up. Having those who understand
your plight to help manage your daily problems sounds quite helpful…
So that’s why you should support us.
Why not?
Cornell to Use Brāv
October 27, 2016 blog , news R A
Cornell University to use Brāv for their annual eMediation Competition.
Beginning October 31st, Brāv will be providing a platform for synchronous
communication. Join us: .
Our vision for training:
Use a helmetcam (example:
u…ameras-1274790 )
Edit the video in a video editor of your choice that has PIP effect (‘Picture In Picture’)
(example: )
Separate the sound from all the clips you make and overlay a new soundtrack.
Discussion page Automation
There are ways to automate some features while being careful not to lose Brāv’s value
proposition of having human support behind the interactive technology.
Employ language processing through working with the software staff to create a “dictionary” of
key phrases, words, semantic/syntactic clues, and write a script which will search the forums for
terms from this dictionary – and flag the conflict management personnel on potential
developments, both negative and positive, in the conflict management process. This will
optimize response times and allow the conflict management staff to use their time more
efficiently so that they can spend more time on impact-oriented work.
Hardware Proposals for Brāv
1) Smart Algorithm/Smart Robot
• Moore’s Law predicts that a computer will soon reach the processing power of the human
brain. We must take advantage of these statistics to build a smart robot. A smart robot can be
designed in such a way as to help victims. A smart algorithm needs to be developed and
programmed onto a chip which can go into the robot. This algorithm can also be used on an
online platform for the victims to interact with if the robot is unnecessary.
• I did some research online and found something known as Robo-advisor. A roboadvisor is an
online wealth management service that provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio
management advice without the use human financial planners. We can use the same concept to
come up with an innovative algorithm to help the situation we aim at addressing. We can design
an algorithm in such a way that it learns from the previous cases it has dealt with and improve its
ability by learning from the past. So we can guarantee ever improving services. I have included
a link of robo advisor. We can aim at achieving something like this.
• In addition to the regular method of dealing with a problem, let’s take for examples bullies in
school. Why don’t we focus on the bullies as well and not just the victims. We can use an
algorithm to bring them on the right track as well, since most of the times bullies are known to
just act out due to problems at home or elsewhere. If we are able to mold them at a younger age,
we might just end up helping a larger population of the people.
2) Customized Applications
Let’s look at customizing the robot. In addition to the clever algorithm included in the robot, we
can design certain sensors which can aid the owner when it comes to mental stress.
Problem : For example let’s say that a person was having a very bad day at work and he/she
needs to clear their mind and focus on the next productive thing they have to do or a kid at
school or anybody else decides to take an extreme step to commit suicide. Solution: • We
include EEG and EOG sensors which can process information from the brain. This measured
parameter can be calibrated for various levels. If the level is above threshold 1 but below
threshold 2, then certain therapeutic action can be administered. Maybe the robot could play
soothing music to calm the mind of a person, etc.
• If the measured value is greater than the upper threshold, an SMS alert can be sent to a loved
one who can tend to the person immediately. This might just prevent a disastrous situation and
might save a life.
Communications, especially those involving sensitive information needs to be subject to best
practice Cryptography (unfortunately my background in this is severely limited to say the least,
at least for now). Also, it may be worth looking into Encrypting File Systems (EFS) for
protecting sensitive files. There are also some basic ways to prevent data breaches. Every
individual who is working on software or is handling sensitive client data needs to make sure
that any device handling that data is protected with antivirus software. For example, if you use
email to communicate client information – you need to make sure that all devices handling that
email account (desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) are protected. I have used the free
antivirus provided by Avast! Internet Security for my laptop and phone – and it seems to work
well for me. Also, it is important that no devices which were used for software dev/holding
sensitive information are lost or stolen – and if they are, the rest of the team is notified
immediately so we know what information might be at stake and the right actions can be taken.
This is the most obvious point of all, but a common mistake that some developers may make is
to keep their Git repositories public – they need to be private – especially for proprietary
software! Unfortunately, non-academic uses for git often cost money if you want to keep
repositories private.
Along with her JD, Brāv Executive Director Remi Alli is a Psychology graduate of the
University of Michigan — Ann Arbor. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Health Law
and Policy. She has mediated for over 15 years, resolving thousands of cases, and is a trained
and certified Mediator through the Supreme Court of Ohio. She has written for Forbes,
Neuroscience for Kids, among others, and recently received the 2013 top prize in the nation for
her legal writing through the American Judges Association. She also served as a teacher of law
through the Law & Leadership Institute.
Dr. Alex Cougar holds a PhD and has worked extensively in mental health fields for over 40
years, receiving praise from every President within that time.
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