What’s your Communication Plan?

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A ‘plan’ is defined as a strategy, and that term was very much meant here.
Specifically because communication – any communication – should be well
thought out.
Think about some of the most terrible comments that someone has made
about you. Was it said in anger? Was it stated in jest? Was the statement
blurted out? Now think about hurtful comments you have made about
others. How often did you really plan these comments before expressing
We often state comments that we later regret…but that could all be avoided
if our first instinct was not to “win,” “speak first” or “speak last.”
Communication is about training ourselves to be calm, patient and really
think about what we want to express to another.
If you have ever watched leaders of an organization or even a country, they
have words written down and have crafted their speech (with the help of a
team) to ensure that they are able to communicate exactly what they intend.
This is to avoid inevitable blunders.
We’re going to still make mistakes with our words, but planning ahead of
time will significantly reduce the amount of apologies you’ll make later…to
others…and yourself.

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