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“ All people use/control/manipulate other people, to get what they want, knowing that the other
person will suffer. Some people do it more than others, but everyone does it to some degree.
The problem is, when people do this, they (obviously) never want to see/know how much suffering
they’re causing someone, and therefore, they don’t ever see/understand just how
damaging/scarring their behavior is, (even when they think they’re doing something harmless). This is
why, all people are parasitic/predatory/psychopathic, but none of them will be able to
see/understand/admit it.”
“Indeed, the clearest example of this, is that parents believe that they are good/moral/selfless
people, despite the fact that they have created a human, that will suffer through its life. — Ie, this is
the perfect example, of how people will be never able to see/understand/admit that they are
parasitic/predatory/psychopathic, because they will never want to see/know, just how much
suffering they’re causing someone, (let alone see/know the exponential knock-on effects, that occurs
when that person experiences even one tiny bit of suffering).
Moreover, when this is calculated at all levels (not just the physical plane), then it is seen that the
labels of parasitic/predatory/psychopathic, are no where near strong enough, to convey how bad
people actually are.”doing
“…The information above, is always going to be almost impossible for most people to
understand/accept, for many reasons, (some of which I will cover in the next section).
Even if we look at the lesser crimes, people underestimate (or have absolutely no idea), of:

  1. How many people regularly fake:
    ting/orgasms/etc, to get that they want. — Ie, people know what other people desire and fear, and
    they use it against them. It’s cold and calculating, and everyone does, to some degree, at some level.
  2. How much damage this causes, (directly, indirectly, across never-ending generations, at all levels).
    The point is, people think it’s all harmless/normal/acceptable, but that’s far from the truth.
    All people are parasites, predators, psychopaths, and so too is the
    unmanifest/manifestation/god/source/etc. — This is proved, by the fact, that there is so much
    suffering in the manifestation. Of course, people will never want to see/realise/admit this, because
    this would mean that:
  3. They too are being labeled as parasitic/predatory/psychopathic, (which they refuse to accept).
  4. Their god/partner/family members/etc, are also labelled as parasitic/predatory/psychopathic,
    (which they refuse to accept).
  5. They have been fooled/ignorant/delusional/etc, for a very long time, (which they refuse to
    Basically, any admittance (even that it’s 0.1% true), is just too difficult for them, because:
    A) It’s just too devastating to believe (even in theory), let alone in practice.
    B) The implications are just too overwhelming.
    C) It would mean that they would have to admit, how they too have behaved in a
    parasitic/predatory/psychopathic manner.
    D) It would mean that they would have to give up their slaves, (which they don’t want to do).
    E) Etc.
    Some parasites/predators/psychopaths are worse than others, but the most cruel/evil ones, are the
    ones who will:
  6. Not care how much suffering they cause, as long as they get what they want.
  7. Not only inflict their desires upon a person, but they will create the person/entity first, and then
    inflict their desires upon them.
  8. Create an entity, which itself can create many more entities, which inevitably leads to an
    exponential plague of more humans being created, which all suffer regularly throughout their entire
    Therefore, the parasites/predators/psychopaths, who are the cruelest/evilest, are parents.
    ———It’s extremely important to see/realise, that “an exponential plague of more humans being
    created, which all suffer regularly throughout their entire lifetime”, was caused by that one selfish
    desire (to have a baby).
    And it’s also extremely important to see, that the amount of suffering that this one selfish desire
    creates, is just too monumentally large, to ever calculate, because it affects so many people, so
    deeply, throughout their whole lives, across all future generations, at all levels. — Hence,
    “parasites/predators/psychopaths”, and “cruel/evil”, just isn’t strong enough. And neither is any other
    term, (eg, “ultimate evil”).
    It can be argued, that all definitions are relative, and therefore, “psychopath” is just a relative term.
    However, to do this, we still have to start with what the worst psychopath is.
    And, as explained, this is the “parent”. The point is, that if “parents”, is a group/category of people, that
    covers most of the population, then that’s just how it is. Ie, if the conclusion is, that 99% of the
    population are psychopaths, then that’s just a conclusion that we’ll have to accept.
    Indeed, the only way to reduce the suffering in the world, is to accept the truth, no matter how
    inconvenient it is.”

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