Now Accepting Applications: Brāv Internship Opportunities

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We are currently seeking interns of all ages to train as Brāv Ones, write
short articles, and get the word out about Brāv:
Intern Descriptions
Through egames, Brāv trains anyone in conflict resolution and
management. In turn, these trained Brāv Ones aid in the conflicts of others
on the site’s face-to-face, Skype-like platforms. We hope to interrupt cycles
of violence and deeply rooted conflicts between individuals, groups,
organizations, and communities – globally. Brāv intern duties are divided
into Communications, Management, Recruitment, and Research, but we
are able to customize internships to allow students to choose from any of
the different areas of each category. Please see below:

  1. Communications Interns – Have your work p ublished; write 300 – 500
    word articles on recent news or popular media pertaining to
    interesting/innovative topics on egaming, bullying, conflicts,
    emotions etc – from any angle, including medical, psychology, legal,
    subjective or objective. Example: .
  2. Foster relationships with people affected by mental health, conflicts,
    emotions, bullying, etc on various social medias, including forums,
    Google plus threads, psychology threads, forums, etc.
  3. Help Brāv videos go viral (at least 1 million views).
  4. Write press releases, gain attention for Brāv, submit articles and
    others to media circuits.
  5. Webinar show hosting, whereby students are able to present on
    innovative topics to an interested public on a topic of their choice so
    long as it relates to Brāv’s mission. Ie/ “How These Yoga Techniques
    can help You Instantly Cool Off Before, During or After a Conflict.”
  6. Recruitment Interns – Contact individuals, schools, universities,
    colleges and organizations to implement and sign up for Brāv.
  7. Increase social media support, ie/ facebook likes and fans, twitter
    followers, etc.
  8. Promote Brāv through building relationships around various
    campuses – through both students & faculty – in order to raise
    awareness about the Brāv movement, print flyers & post around, etc
    to promote awareness about Brāv.
  9. Seek and contact A list, quality celebrities to endorse Brāv.
  10. Devise contact list of state and national congress members, school
    administrators and superintendents, CEOs, COOS, organization
    leaders, etc for calling and marketing Brāv.
  11. Build partnerships with respectable & large organizations.
  12. Management Interns – Manage various Brāv campaigns and
  13. Determine effective ways to get education
    programs/organizations/work/pageants/sports/etc to sign up for
  14. Seek sponsors/donors/grants to contribute funding for conflict
    resolution and management.
  15. Submit ideas on how Brāv can remain current, effective and efficient.
    (membership, swag, etc).
  16. Aid in determining Brāv’s best business models ie/ freemium, ads,
    pricing (lifetime v. year packages), etc.
  17. Aid and help implement a mandate/proclamation to implement Brāv
    at the state level.
  18. Aid in a realistic budget plan.
  19. Research Interns – Research ‘bullying,’ its current definition, and how
    Brāv can broaden the current definition.
  20. Research evolution and statistics on online dispute resolution and
    carry on systematic and ongoing studies of the nature, origins, and
    types of social conflicts.
  21. Determine which organizations would most effectively benefit from
  22. Research current conflict resolution organizations that Brāv can
    partner with or receive sponsorships, grants and/or endorsements.
  23. Aid in a market analysis of Brāv’s target users.
  24. Gather and interpret data on bullying & conflicts –
  25. Gather and interpret data on if/ how Brāv would help those bullied
    and the aggressors.
    To be considered for a Brāv internship, students should meet the following requirements:
    ● Currently attend a college, university, or graduate program.

    ● Have completed a minimum of one (1) year as a student at a
    degree-granting two or four-year college or university (completion of
    one year’s worth of academic credits over a more extended period of
    time may qualify part-time students for participation in Brāv); or a
    currently enrolled graduate student or accepted in a graduate degree

    ● Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, or equivalent to a
    Professional Skills
    ● Good analytical and evaluative skills
    ● Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    ● Good organizational skills, efficiency and flexibility
    ● Computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft products (MS
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint), email software, internet searching, and
    other programs
    Applicants may come from any academic discipline.
    Internship acceptances are on a rolling basis and students work from a
    distance. Those interested can submit a short statement explaining their
    interest in Brāv, an internship proposal request (essentially stating which
    duties they are particularly interested in), and a resume to
    Thank you.

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